Why Is It That Every Time I Read a Magazine or Surf the Internet I End Up Buying Make-Up and Beauty Products Although I Don't Need It?

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Why is it that every time I read a magazine or surf the Internet I end up buying make-up and beauty products although I don’t need it?

Every time I buy a new Cosmo or Glamour, I get overwhelmed by all the ads and pictures of beautiful celebrities. These ads make me believe that my dry and damaged hair will become as long and healthy-looking as Beyoncés’ as long as I buy that new shampoo and conditioner from L’Oreal. Marketers convince the consumers that the way we look now, is not the desired state. This is the first stage in Marketers’ Response to Decision-Process. When I read this magazine I fool myself to believe that this is what Beyoncé really look like. I don’t consider all the extensions that makes her hair look voluminous, the fake lashes and not to mention Photoshop.

As mentioned this happens every time I read a magazine, so the marketers have done a good job in finding the right place to advertise. It is important for the marketers to provide the information when and where consumers are likely to search. TV ads, newspapers and magazines, blogs and Internet in general are other examples where it is easy to find potential customers. Behavioral Targeting is also an important tool for information search. When I do my online beauty product shopping, I always end up buying something that is recommended for using with the product I am purchasing even though I don’t need it at all.

But what make me want to buy the shampoo from a specific brand when there are at least 3 other ads for shampoos in a magazine? I evaluative criteria in order to decide what brand I will chose to purchase .Evaluative criteria is the dimensions consumers use to compare competing product alternatives. Since there are so many different brands in the business, it is necessary for the company to know the competition. They need to understand the criteria consumers use in comparing brands and communicate own brand superior. They need to make their products smell nice, look cool and...