Strategic Marketing

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STRATEGIC MARKETING - 30h - Introduction: Definitions, scope of strategic marketing - The STP Process (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) - The matrix (BCG, Porter, Mc Kinsey...) . How to use them - The Marketing Mix: - Product - Pricing - Place (Distribution) - Promotion (Communication) - Personal (Consumer- Company link) - Product launch 


Didier Ailloud – Bachelor 3 IDRAC - 2012


“Know your enemy, know yourself, and your victory will not be threatened. Know the terrain, know the weather, and your victory will be complete.” Sun Tzu “The art of war” 


Didier Ailloud – Bachelor 3 IDRAC - 2012


Definitions :

- Identification of one or more sustainable competitive advantages a firm has in the markets it serves (or intends to serve), and allocation of resources to exploit them. (, 2012) - Strategic marketing concept is a philosophy, focus, orientation which emphasizes the proper identification of marketing opportunities as the basis for marketing planning and corporate growth. - Strategic Marketing is a way of thinking about every aspect of a business to maximize success based upon the foundation of providing customers what they want to solve their needs or desires. - Strategic Marketing designs a series of integrated actions leading to a sustainable competitive advantage.


Didier Ailloud – Bachelor 3 IDRAC - 2012


Scope of strategic marketing

Marketing is a philosophy that leads to the process by which organizations, groups and individuals obtain what they need and want by identifying value, providing it, communicating it and delivering it to others. The core concepts of marketing are customers’ needs, wants and values; products, exchange, communications and relationships. Marketing is strategically concerned with the direction and scope of the long-term activities performed by the organization to...