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Running Head : ARMY LEADERSHIP Army Leadership [Name] [Affiliation] Leadership is an important aspect within the Army in order to achieve excellence and the desired goals . A good Army leader must function in direct , organizational , and strategic levels of leadership who possesses good values and attributes . Aside from good character , a leader must know about different tactics , technical systems , and management resources . However , these are not enough unless executed and implemented well . According from the FM 6-22 – an official army leadership manual , an army leader whom specific responsibility is assigned is an individual who `inspires and influences people to accomplish organizational goals ‘either inside our outside the chain of command . Leadership , on the other hand , is defined as the `the process of influencing by providing purpose , direction , and , motivation while operating to accomplish the mission of the organization ‘ In short , the role of an Army leader is to ensure that the objective of the organization is achieved ADDIN EN .CITE 6Departme nt if the ArmyArmy Leadership : Competent , Confident , and Agile11-13 , 16-19 , 21-22 , 35-43 ,51-542006Washingtonhttp /www .fas .org /irp /doddir /army /fm6-22 .pdfMay 3 ,2008 (Army Leadership :Competent , Confident , and Agile , 2006 . In leadership , there are three major responsibility of a leader :influencing , operating , and improving . Before operation and improvement can be done , the leader must be familiarized with the people such as the Soldiers , Army civilians , and multinational partners . Aside from passing along orders , a leader must be a good example either by action or spoken words . Through this , a leader is able to communicate purpose , direction ,and motivation well . Purpose can be delivered by an Army leader through requests or orders that are directly executed . However , it must be clear so that the followers could achieve it the way it is expected . There is another way...