Attitudes of Tee Ager

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The study tried to develop a product-market structure of the fast-food restaurants inthe Philippines. Using the concept of hierarchical clustering based on substitution-in-use, theinfluence of three categories of situational influence were used to modify the original choice-market mix relationship at every clustering stage. Changes in the importance of the individual components of the product-service mix served as the basis of the link-up among competing fast- food restaurants.

Restaurants are part of an industry system, providing services to people awayfrom home that becomes progressively more general and broader as it movesfrom restaurants to food services to hospitality industry. It is towards thissophistication of man's basic needs and his complex life that fast-foodrestaurants emerged.Fast-food restaurants are a breakthrough from the traditional cateringmethods and standards. They have resulted in more sophisticated operationsand styles for services. They have provided flexibility and comfort withreasonable prices. Their services are within the level that can satisfy customerswith various tastes, drives, and upbringing. Customer satisfaction has been oneof the measurable objectives of other service-oriented establishments. It is tothe satisfaction of the customer's needs that the business strives. Without thesupport of customers and satisfaction of their wants, the existences of fast-foodrestaurants would be in jeopardy. A satisfied customer would always go backto the same fast-food establishment where his wants and preferences were notmerely met but also complemented (Reyes, 1996). The satisfaction of customerpreferences, in effect, constitutes the image of the particular fast-foodrestaurant and plays an important role in the business industry.

The Philippine Star

(1997) described the Filipinos as food lovers. They enjoytasty meals. They go to restaurants serving smorgasbords in a luncheon orsupper buffet offering a variety of foods and dishes....