Determination of Requirements

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Determination of requirements: Identify specific analysis methods used to determine user needs.

The traditional methods would be used to determine the user needs for the Frequent Shopper Program. The traditional methods consist of interviews with individuals, observations of the customer shopping habits, and analyzing the business documents to discover other data showing the other ways to access the customers.

First would be collect information from our customers. This would not be in a direct manner, but more of a survey asking the customers their opinions about products and services that could be changed or added to fit their needs. Next would be (review past customer purchases to determine the customers usage, and what they prefer. Kudler Fine Foods could use this information to determine the types of goods the customers purchase. This could be very helpful to help inventory in all our store and keep widely used stock available to our customers for future purchases. Last would be the business documents. Kudler Fine Foods could use the business documents to fix inventory levels in each of its stores and maintain proper inventory. We can keep store from having product wasted because customers are not buying it.

Customer complaints, ideas and even unmet goals that were listed, but never acted upon within the company could be discovered through the business documents. These documents would bring together the things that would either be overlooked or disregarded over a period of time at the organization. With the Frequent Shopper program, the business documents could be analyze to add better quality and quantity to purchased goods. This would also be a reason for customers to return for purchases.