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The role of a mom, a student, an employee, and a wife can sometimes be overwhelming and hard to deal with. When I started school I was not sure that I would be able to keep up with doing homework, dealing with my daughter and her just starting middle school, and being a wife. I always put God and my family first in anything that I do to level out what it is I what to accomplish.

During the beginning of my classes I had to learn how maneuver and keep up with the class by responding and also keeping up with homework assignments. To me it is all about managing my time between church, family, work, and school. In the beginning I admit it was hard to keep up and I was staring to think if this is what I really want to do. I am a very organize person, and if something is out of order I can not focus right. This thing about time management was new to me because I did not have to juggle as many things as I did before.

As I got into my classes I learned how set aside time to read over all my materials and plan all my assignments to make sure I finished in time. I think the information that needs to be gathered to get through anything in life is to write out a plan and live by it, before you know it you have accomplished some of the things on your plan that will make you want to keep going and going. I always have to be careful when I am doing things in front of my daughter because she mimics everything I do; if I procrastinate then she will be a procrastinator. I try to gather my information and keep in mind that organization and management tools will carry me a long way.

As women and mothers we tend to wear many hats in our lives and I think that as little girls we always wanted to be married, have kids, and work or be a stay at home mom. When I have that alone time I sit and plan out my week because I don’t want to over book myself in anything, I want to be able to be stress free knowing that I have everything in order. Once I plan my...