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Thesis statement: Cecily von Ziegesars background on the Upper East Side permeates in the content of her books, Which has created both negative and positive criticisms by her readers.

A very successful series of books is a portrayal of the lives of those living on the Upper East Side. Even though their lives seem to be the epitome of fabulous you soon learn that the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is as true in the Upper East Side as it is in Topeka, Kansas. The books came easy to Mrs. Cecily von Ziegesar herself because she lived through these experiences. She wrote this series of books based on her life. The article by The New Yorker is called advanced placement and this name suits it very well. The adolescences in this book have the same social lives as most teenagers just in an “advanced placed” world.

Cecily von Ziegesar had all the perceived advantages growing up on the Upper East Side, money, connections, and access to the finer things in life. She has created a series of books called Gossip Girl based upon her real life experiences. She grew up with obscene amounts of money and went to one of the most elite schools in the Manhattan area, Nightingale-Bamford, and based her books on events she experienced herself as well as those around her. Being in the popular sect is the goal and greatest ideal of many students in these schools because being there gives one a sense of power and acceptance, and Mrs. Von Ziegesar was no exception. Her high school life was filled with days of drinking, drugs and “doing inappropriate things.” (Mechling 1) After von Ziegesar finished high school, she followed the natural course expected of her and attended a small liberal arts school in Maine called Colby College. As soon as she left college she moved to Budapest for a year and then spent her time working at a radio station. When her year was up, she returned to the United States and furthered her education by majoring in creative writing at the...