English Language Syllabus

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Language Syllabu“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

― Aristotle

English Class

Bachelor of Science Education

Master of Science Education

Master Degree Public Administration

, students will focus on a variety of grammar concepts, rules of mechanics, various literary genres and elements, and informative writing, response to literature, and the position paper to prepare for the AFN Test.


Learner will:

Ø Develop and apply expansive knowledge of words and word meanings to communicate.

Ø Comprehend, respond to, interpret, or evaluate a variety of texts of increasing length, difficulty, and complexity.

Ø Produce, analyze, and evaluate effective communication.

Ø Use Standard English grammar, mechanics, and sentence structure to communicate. Students completing course work for writing, speaking, and listening will:

• Write and speak using Standard English conventions appropriate to grade level.

• Identify parts of speech and sentence structures.

• Demonstrate correct use of punctuation and capitalization.

• Use correct spelling applying the spellings of bases and affixes to root words and also by utilizing a dictionary and spell check.

• Place modifiers properly, use the active voice, identify and use infinitives and participles, make clear references between pronouns and antecedents.

• Write and present to the class or groups organized, coherent narratives, responses to literature, persuasive compositions, and summaries.

• Exercise speaking techniques including voice modulation, inflection, tempo, enunciation and eye contact for effective presentations.

• Organize information in presentations to appeal to the audience.

• In writing include strong introductions and conclusions, concrete details and main ideas, and commentaries.

• Utilize editing and revision to improve the overall content, organization, and vocabulary.

• Give credit for quoted and...