Analysis of General Motors Bankruptcy

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1. Introduction

2. Evolution of General Motors

3. Innovation at GM

a. Design & Technology

b. Quality & Reliability

c. Customer Satisfaction

d. Environment

e. Organisation Structure & Culture

f. Community & Education

4. Conclusion

1. Introduction

General Motors Company is an American multinational automotive corporation and is the world's largest automaker, by vehicle unit sales, in 2011.

Company Information |

Head Quarters | Renaissance Centre in Detroit, Michigan, United States |

Global Operations | GM manufactures its cars and trucks in 35 countries |

Leading Brands | Vauxhall, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Holden, Opel, and Wuling |

Revenue | US$ 150.28 billion (2011) |

Figure 1 World Wide Market Position

2. Organizational Evolution

3. Innovation at General Motors

General Motors remains the No. 1 innovator among 184 companies ranked by The Patent Board in its quarterly automotive and transportation industry scorecard. It is the third consecutive quarter that GM occupies the top spot.

A. Innovation: Design & Technology: 

Emerging at the new GM is the competitive spirit that, for decades, drove GM to leadership in styling, technology, engineering, marketing, and other key areas. Recent innovations pioneered by GM.

i. Application renewable sources of fuel

Ethanol 85-Flexible Fuel

Figure [ 2 ] Flexible Fuel Vehicle

GM developed E-85, an alternative fuel source that has superior performance characteristics. The composition of E-85 is basically 85% ethanol and 15% petroleum. It is completely renewable. General Motors has implemented it in to include: 2007 3.5L Chevrolet Impala and Monte Carlo Sedans, 2005-2007 5.3L Chevrolet Avalanche SUV’s, 2002-2007 5.3L Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, and Yukon XL’s, 2002-2007 Sierra and Silverado Trucks.

Transport technology

Figure [ 3 ] ENV

Development of Non Polluting vehicle, the...