Walt Disney Project

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I. INTRODUCTION_______________________________________________________ 3

II. ORGANIZATION’S STRATEGIC PLAN ¬___________________________________ 4

a. Mission

b. Long Term Goals

c. Principal Methods For Attaining Goals


IV. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT PROCESS __________________________________5

V. PROJECT SELECTION CRITERIA ________________________________________6

a. Qualitative Criteria

b. Quantitative Criteria

VI. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT PLAN _______________________________________8

a. Managing Quality

b. Managing Scope

c. Managing Schedule


a. Cost

b. Schedule

c. Quality

VIII. CHANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN _______________________________________16

a. Manage Organizational/Cultural Change

b. Conflict in Change Management Plan

i. Project

ii. Plan

iii. Portfolio

IX. RESOURCE UTILIZATION PLAN _______________________________________17

X. CONCLUSION ________________________________________________________18

XI. REFERENCES _______________________________________________________19

XII. APPENDIX __________________________________________________________20

a. Appendix A: Organization’s Strategic Plan in Detail

b. Work Flow Chart


Disney Studios was chosen because of its myriad of products in this division. Those include Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Touchstone Pictures, DisneyNature, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation, Disney Music Group, Disney Theatrical Group, and now Lucasfilms.

Walt Disney Studios is a business unit of the Walt Disney Company is but it represents a small portion of the overall company. The company’s other divisions include; the media networks which include broadcast, cable, radio, publishing, and digital businesses across the divisions of the Disney/ABC television group and ESPN Inc. The Parks and Resorts business division is committed...

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