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  • Drugs: Hurt Players And Sports

    Series August 21, 1983, Article #54 Volume 2. Coffey, Wayne. "Cocaine Back in Sports News, and Many Ask About Bias' Death." New York Daily News. May 20, 1996...

  • Gender In Sports

    the ability to fix cars and belch, they should not be treated as if they do. Since professional sports teams were first developed years ago, women have not received...

  • Greed In Sports

    but they want to get paid more than anyone has a right to for playing a game. Sports will always be the owners business, the players job, and the fans game...

  • Sports Management

    this program. Also, two other employers that I have interned for are both alumni of the graduate sport administration program at OU: Dr. Steven Rader, a former...

  • Sponsors And Sports

    kind of sponsorship is a plus. Hockey is trying to work upward and be recognized as a major sport. Companies are just now realizing hockey's potential. Five years...

  • Cheating In Sports
    enhancing drugs taken the place of honor and integrity in todays professional sports? Has the youth of America become more interested in short cuts than hard work
  • “Boxing Is a Savage, Barbaric And Exploitative Industry. It Is High Time That We Stopped Classifying It As a Sport And Banned It Entirely.”
    skydiving and 7 in motorcycle racing. Boxing was actually classed as the 8th most dangerous sport in this respect. Yet is the voice as loud that wishes to ban horse
  • Adrenaline Air Sports
    achieve the level of success he desires. Also, the location of Adrenaline Air Sports and the location of Billys other job cause time constraints and costs to commute
  • Sports In Society

    teach them peak performance levels. Sixty to ninety percent of success in sports is due to mental factors and psychological mastery. Sensing the importance of mental...

  • The Issue Of Sport

    overheard Barry setting it up so that Scott didn't win the Pan Pacific Grand Prix. The Sport weekly magazine article " Shirley knows her tables" printed on 14th...

  • Lawrence Sports: Working Capital Strategies
    credit will be needed and interest costs will be lower,(Va-interactive, n.d.). Lawrence Sports could use the example given above to determine the best route to take
  • Lawrence Sports: Working Capital Strategies
    line. Repayment must occur during the last week of the month. The only way Lawrence Sports is able to assess the firms cash needs is by understanding what cash is
  • Sports
    company's cash flow ( Brealy, Myers, & Allen, 2005, p. 849). Currently Lawrence Sports doesn't have a reliable cash flow system in place to monitor their cash flow
  • Sport Obermeyer
    is extremely competitive, as well as trendy. Last year Columbia Sportswear, a competitor of Sport Obermeyer, managed to capture 23% of the Adult Ski-Jacket market
  • The Role Of Sports In Today's Society
    people, we learn to be considerate to other teams or our team mates. Second, a big sporting event, such as the Olympics can bring big economic effects to a host
  • Steroids In Sports
    Current Events. (2005, Jan 21). "Foul play: steroid scandal strikes pro sports" Retrieved July 23, 2007.
  • Sports Marketing
    collide, there is competitive nature like none other. According to Wikipedia (2010), sports marketing was first derived with Americas favorite past-time, baseball
  • Sports Motivation Paper
    2010, July 28). Bengals discuss deal with Owens.     Retrieved 2010, July 28 from All Sports Web site:
  • Sports Management
    Manager takes time as well as diversity. John Beattie made it in the sports industry climbing his way up the ladder. When his illustrious career began, Beattie
  • Professional Sports: Rewarding And Punishing The Same Behavior
    site=ehost-live Kindred, D. (2005). Palmeiro is a different kind of baseball legend. Sporting News, 229(33), 76-76. Retrieved from
  • Lawrence Sports Benchmarking
    so that collection comes much earlier than disbursements would help improve Lawrence Sports cash position and would help avoid the risk of having to stretch payables
  • a Review Of Economic Impact Studies On Sporting Events
    of days x $54 (under 18) = EI $77.00 (average) Lisle CVB/ Lisle Sports Commission _ _ # of visitors x # of days x $158.41 (1st person in room) = EI # of visitors
  • Lawrence Sports Simulation
    Products, and Murray Leather Works to create sustainability and growth. Currently, Lawrence Sports CFO Stephanie Sanders has appointed LMS (Lozzio, Murray, and Soto
  • Professional Sports: Rewarding And Punishing The Same Behavior
    first surfaced, Selig argued that the leagues policy on steroids was as good as any in professional sports. The policy? Random drug testing, with a 10-day suspension
  • Sport Obermyer
    Materials and fabric to be ordered April 93 to August 93 Additional orders received by Sport Obermeyer as Full Scale production takes place in Hong Kong. As early
  • Violence In Sports

    releasing all that pressure it helps you relax for a period of time. Getting rid of popular sports like hockey or football could put a lot more kids on the streets...

  • Issues In Sport
    example of an issue in the history of sports relating to sportsmanship would be illegal hits in football team such as helmet to helmet contact or late hits. Many
  • Wages Of Sport Athletes

    is way beyond reason. Due to these great wages being paid in particularly in the sport of basketball, the games greatness is being lost. One example of the extreme...

  • Sport Obermeyer
    cycle. 1 MAIN ISSUE The main issue addressed in the following is where to source production of Sport Obermeyers 1993-94 skiwear line (Hong Kong or China
  • Sport Psychology

    cul-ture and society across the globe. In the western and eastern worlds alike, sport and lei-sure continue to support huge industries and take up massive amounts...