Establish an Imaginary Small Business in Broadway Shopping Centre. What Will the Nature of Your Business Be and Show How It Will Cater for Diversity, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Contingency

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Diversity 2

Diversity in the workplace 2

Quality 3

Quality improvement in the workplace 3

Customer Satisfaction 4

Customer Satisfaction in the business 4

Contingency 5

Contingency in the Workplace 5

Communication 5

Problems with Communication 6

Overcoming Communication Barriers 7

Communication applied in the business 8

Conclusion 9

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Successful businesses aim to implement and improve the concepts of diversity, quality, customer satisfaction and contingency. Together with encouraging effective communication between employees, the business is bound to strive for success. The imaginary business chosen to manage would be one similar to the supermarket, IGA, where the nature of the business would be a general grocery outlet. These factors as well as communication-improving strategies will be discussed in detail and then applied to the following scenario of a business in Broadway shopping centre.


Diversity is a key issue businesses have to handle within their workforce. It is defined as the dissimilarities in human personas or those who belong to a separate ethic group in a given workforce (Samson, Daft & R.L. 2012). As stated by Samson, Daft and R.L. (2012) people may differ in many ways, whether it may be a primary dimension of diversity, such as, their age gender or race, or secondary dimension of diversity such as their education, parental status or work background. Therefore diversity is a vital aspect of any business.

Diversity in the workplace

The diversity in the workforce plays a significant role in the way a supermarket functions. A supermarket consists of a labour force that possesses different dimensions of diversity, with employees from various cultural groups to employees with greater experience. However, taking into account that the supermarket lies in close proximity to the university, would account for a larger diverse crowd of individuals,...