Intellectual Property Law

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Intellectual Property law


• Refers to intangible rights, protecting the products of human intelligence and creation such as: Copyright, patent, utility model, trademark/brand and industrial design.

• Part of commercial

• Each country own intellectual property law

• IP. Absolute rights of exclusive use (only owner disposition)

• Protection by civil law and penalty law

- Copyright and Trade mark fall into cultural scope of Protection

- Patents, Utility models fall into the technological scope of protection

- But an Object might fall into both fields Of Protection

Registered means: by state, national patent office, European patent office, international p. office

Need to register in every country new



• Protects personal and intellectual creation of: literature, science, art, photos, music, speech ,theatre, film

• Absolut right of exclusive use, only owner owns right

• Based on cultural sector

• Requires personal and spiritual part which is expressed in certain form of creation


• Only physical person

• More than one author-co-authors

• Employees like webdesigner-own copyright(assigned contractually

3) How to appy?

Notary registers name and date of sarting using it

4) Infrindgement. (verstoss)

• Removal of the impairment (beeinträchtigung)

• (unterlassung)Omission in case of risk of recurrent infrindgement

• Compensation claim

• In case of unlawful distribution. (gesetzwiedrig)

- claim of distruction (zerstörung)

- claim for handing out the copies

- claim for withdrawl (entfernung)

Under penalty law: commercial or industrial infr: 3-5 years

5) Transfer

• via succession (nachkommenschaft)

• via transfer of right to use (exclusive use/simple use)

• limitation of use possible: time, content, country

• termination after 70 years owners death


• technical property right

• right of exclusiveness

• subject to an invention...