Organizational Behavior

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Team Member: Deandre Davis

Organization: US Navy

Impacts to Organizational Behavior from Internal Forces:

1. Restructuring- Restructuring in the Navy is an ongoing process the Navy just established the (NPDC) or Naval Personnel Development Command to integrate and standardize technology and training processes. This restructuring force impact organizational behavior by placing clear cut authority lines to the crewman while establishing accountability, thus improving performance.

2. Organizational mission- The Navy’s mission is to establish sea power for our national objectives while maintaining peace over the seas by training, and equipping naval combat-ready forces. This impacts organizational behavior by putting pressure on the sailors by training and discipline that is needed to succeed in accomplishing the navy’s goal

3. Fiscal policies- Under the new fiscal year policy regarding Selective Reenlistment Bonuses in the Navy this process affect the organizational behavior of the employees by reducing their time frame for SRB reenlistment. Through this process the Navy can stabilize to about 329,000 sailors. Other changes under the new policy include SRB requests have to be submitted 35-120 days prior to reenlistment.

Impacts to Organizational Behavior from External Forces:

1. Competition- A growing concern to the organizational behavior in the U.S. Navy is the Chinese Navy which plans to posses aircraft carriers that are domestically made. With China now guarding its coast and new vessels being commissioned China will have the capability to compete with the U.S. Navy according to

2. Economy- Due to the shape of the economy the Navy reached its recruitment goal of 35,000 for the FY09 by recruiting 35,527 recruits. According to officials this was due to military pay increases, a bad economy, and recruiters that stepped up. This affected the organizational behavior of the navy by enlisting better...