Capstone-Non Profit Business Analysis

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Business Plan

Better Way of Miami Inc.


April, 2013

By: Frank Gallardo, Willians Mafud, Nydia Montiel,

Maria E. Nardi, Natalia Orozco, and Agnes Vines


In order to be successful in business, companies must develop a plan when starting their operations, introduce a new product or service or simply when they need to make new improvements to their current operations. This stays true for both profit and nonprofit organizations. The main difference is that while the first prioritizes higher margins of profits, the second strives for higher funds in order to help more people and build awareness towards their cause.

In this project we will develop a business plan for the organization Better Way of Miami, a non- profit entity serving the Miami-Dade area, whose main objective is to aid the less fortunate and those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Better Way of Miami, like many non-profit services, are facing government funding cuts and they are in dire need of a plan for additional resources. This thorough business plan will provide them with a detail analysis of their current situation, as well as constructive suggestions in order for them to develop continuous efforts that will help forge a sustainable future.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary 5

1.1 Objectives 5

1.2 Mission 6

1.3 Keys to Success 6

2.0 Organization Summary 6

2.1 Organization Ownership 6

2.2 Organization History 7

2.3 Organization Locations and Facilities 8

2.4 SWOT Analysis 9

2.5 Current Situation Description 10

3.0 Services 10

3.1 Service Description 10

3.2 Alternative Providers 14

3.3 Competitive Comparison 15

3.4 Technology 15

3.5 Future Services 15

3.6 Cooperating Agencies 15

4.0 Market Analysis Summary 16

4.1 Market Segmentation 16

4.1.1 Demographic Statistics 16

4.1.2 City of Miami Homeless Characteristics 17

4.1.3 Main...