Collaboration Between Corporate and Local Non Profit Organizations for Community Problem Solving (Konkan Region)

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Collaboration between Corporate and Local Non Profit Organizations for community problem solving (Konkan Region)


Opposition from residents is a common problem for Industries located in Konkan region. Most of the Industries in Konkan region are chemical industries, mining industries & thermal power projects which caused degradation of environment & loss of traditional occupations of the residents. (Fishing, Horticulture (Cashewnut, Alphanso Mango), Farming, Tourism etc). In 1965 the Government of Maharashtra has acquired the Acres of lands for establishment of MIDC area, at that time government officials told people that industrialization will bring them better employment opportunities, economic stability, education, health facilities and quality life. But in reality no good jobs, no good schools, no good health and in addition pollution becomes a fact of life. They (residents) frustrated because their dreams were not materialized

The industry too realizes this and offers some jobs to some residents which are mostly bottom level jobs, donations are made to temples, arranged some blood donation camps and HIV-AIDs awareness campaigns , sport kits are donated to youth groups; Scholarships are given to scholar students , occasionally companies adopt some hamlets and done a lot of work for community development. No doubt industrialization has generated some ancillary jobs and self employment opportunities. These efforts of the industry could not satisfy the local residents and resistance from local people continued.

Introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept developed a sense of responsibility in corporate world. They stopped arguing that ‘these are inevitable consequences of industrialization’ and at least they accept that they caused some problems to society.

The attitude of Local Non Profits (LNPOs) towards CSR activities was “just for refining public image and for tax benefits and...