Case Study 1: the Big Data Challenges

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Case Study 1: The Big Data Challenges

Veronica Hocutt

Strayer University

Dr. James K. Mukira

CIS 500

July 16, 2013

The Big Data Challenges

1. Judge how Volvo Car Corporation integrated the cloud infrastructure into its networks.

The integration of the cloud infrastructure has allowed Volvo Car Corporation the ability to reduce their costs, boost operational efficiency, and build a better business intelligence. Now that Volvo has been able to free up a majority of their financial resources that were once set aside for IS the corporation can redistribute these resources in order to provide customers with a better product and spend more money on marketing and advertisement. The cloud option allows everyone to be connected to large volumes of data that at one time was not available. In the case study provided for this assignment Volvo recognizes that “huge volumes are streamed into a centralized analysis hub, the Volvo Data Warehouse, alongside data from customer relationship systems, dealership systems, and product development and design systems.” (Converting Data Into Business Value at Volvo, 2011) All departments within the Volvo Car Corporation will have the same knowledge available to them concerning market products.

The cloud will make it easier for customers to monitor the performance of their vehicles, be the first in the know concerning recall notices, and review their vehicle’s maintenance records. The peace of mind that a customer has knowing that potential mechanical problems can be identified prior to them occurring will increase buyer’s interest in Volvo products.

2. Explain how Volvo Car Corporation transforms data into knowledge.

Numerous central processing units (CPUs) are dispersed throughout the vehicle. The CPUs that are similar to our handheld mobile devices will record and analyze data in order to be transmitted to the manufacture. When the data is transmitted to the...