The Impact of Internet Pornography on Teens

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The Impact of Internet Pornography use on Adolescents

In today’s society the use of the internet has become somewhat of a norm. It has been found that about almost 90% of adolescents aged between the years of 12 to18 have access to the internet (Authentic Human Sexuality). Also the vast majority, about 87% of youth who report looking for sexual images online are 14 years of age or older (Internet Solutions). We have a growing problem in our culture and it is just going to get worse if corrective steps aren’t taken. Because of being exposed to internet pornography at such a young age, the impact of it on adolescents is dire. Some of the effects that internet pornography is having on teens are that of, committing acts of sexual violence, becoming addicted to sex and porn, a changing in values and attitudes, and having problems with self-identity. And these are not just all of the effects on adolescents, but are just a few of the hot topics. As a whole society we need to take action and help our adolescents from being taken over and controlled by this epidemic, it is up to us to rise up and make a change.

Due to such a high exposure of pornography sexual crimes are on the rise. It has been proven that the internet has become a useful and crafty tool for sexual predators to seek out victims in chat rooms, engage in highly sexual conversations with adolescents, and to seek and distribute child pornography. The more that adolescents are exposed to such inappropriate content the higher the risk of them acting out their fantasies, which include sexual assault and rape in the future. It has been found in a study that children, under the age of 14, who are exposed to pornography, have a greater chance of being involved in deviant behavior and sexual practices such as rape. In this study around one third of child molesters and rapists that were interviewed claimed that they had been occasionally incited to commit an offence due to their exposure of pornography...