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SOCI 1160 – 020/035



MW CLASSROOM SOUTH 12:00-1:15 RM #105

MW CLASSROOM SOUTH 1:30-2:45 RM #104

Emilie Khair, Ph.D.

Office: Langdale Hall #1050


Course Description

This course provides a general overview of social problems related to wealth and poverty, sexuality, violence, race/ethnicity, social class and family. We will examine society’s changeability in order to discover the patterns of conflict and culture that affect us all. Much of the material presented in this course will challenge your perspectives—adopting a sociological frame entails looking at the world from a different vantage point than the one you typically use. Whether your ideas ultimately change or remain the same, this course should help you clarify why you believe the way you do, help you understand the implications and consequences of those beliefs and help you to compare your perceptions with empirical studies of the world. The anticipated learning outcomes of this course are: (1) to understand basic sociological concepts and theory so that you can translate knowledge from one context to another; (2) to facilitate critical thinking by investigating the interaction of social inequalities; (3) to integrate your passions with the academic content of this course; and (4) to encourage tolerance, respect, understanding and communication among us all.

“We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice.”

John Berger

(No Prerequisites)

Course Materials

Henslin, James. 2013. Social Problems (11th Edition). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Additional required readings will be posted on u-learn. See the Readings and Schedule section that follows.

Course Requirements: Students can earn up to 500 points in this class. The point distribution for this course will be:

|Reading Responses |15 points each (total of 120 points) | 24%...