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1. What is the hiring process?

-Applicant for retail position

-How do they go about applying (externally/internally)

-Personality tests? ----how are the interview Qs structure?

-what qualification/ characteristic do you look for in an applicant?

-are there procedure in place to ensure that an applicant is not denied base on personal bias?

-How is applicant notified of next steps if qualification requirements are met?

-How long till feedback, yes or no? ( How long does it typically take from the initial posting of job position to the final acceptance and onboarding of applicant?)

-Does N. recruit nontraditional applicant?

-How do they effectively attract qualify candidates?

-Are there any employee referral incentives?

-HR department

-How do they filter who qualifies? (System filter or manually by person?)

-How are applicants informed of interest in position?

-How many candidates typically screened/interviewed for position?

-How many interviews will applicant go through?

-How are interviews conducted? (group, phone, 1-on-1)

2. Are all applicants hired through website, is there on the spot hiring/recruiting? If recruiting how do they recruit, what sources are used? Colleges, high schools, social networks (Facebook, myspace, linkedin)

4. Does Nordstrom use a recruiting company to hire or is it all done through HR and hiring managers?

-Or does Nordstrom have a recruiter team?

6. What is the number 1 way Nordstrom acquires its talent? (what is their talent philosophy?)

How do they shape--value, culture, ethics from everyone elses’

10. What talents must new hires possess rather than be trained to develop?

9. Is it more important to fill the position quickly or fill it with someone who closely matches a...