Betty La Fea

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In spite of her excellent scholastic record, recent graduate Betty Pengson finds herself still unemployed after numerous rejections due primarily to her appearance. Her family is in a financial fix because of her younger brother Andrew's increased tuition fee. Luckily for her, a prestigious advertising agency calledEco Moda Manila is hiring for a secretarial position, so Betty submits her resume, even though she is overqualified for the job. Once there, Betty comes to realize that the odds of getting the job are slim, particularly after she sees a sexy applicant named Patricia Suarez. Betty's fear turns into bliss, though, when she literally bumps into Armando Solis, the newly-appointed President of the company. Betty later tells her best friend Nicholas about her desire to work closely with the famed sports enthusiast/corporate executive.

Armando's chief rival at Eco Moda is Daniela Valencia, who is still furious over losing the presidency to Armando, who she know is not even half as good as she is at business matters. The presidency only went to Armando because Daniela's own sister, Marcella, favored Armando over her at the decisive board meeting in which the company's leadership was decided. Marcella's motive for betraying her sister was so that she would have leverage to coerce Armando into marrying her. To force Armando's hand, Marcella announces their engagement during his induction party, much to Armando's frustration.

As she feared and expected, Betty ends up losing the job to Patricia. Betty doesn't know how she is going to break the news to her family, particularly after they plan a celebration for her in anticipation of her success. Meanwhile, Armando gets into a serious talk with his father Roberto about his disappointment that Roberto hadn't automatically considered him first for the presidency, instead of making him compete head-to-head with Daniela. Roberto tells Armando that, based on his past behavior, he never thought that Armando was...