Betty La Fea Reaction Paper

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Barcenas, Mary Leisa MARCH 02, 2012


Betty La Fea

When I first saw the teleserye Betty la Fea, I began to watched it until the end. It is a very interesting story so it was adapted in different countries like Philippines, India, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Greece, Belgium, Serbia, Czech Republic, Vietnam, China, Poland, Brazil and Georgia so you could tell that it is the most popular telenovela at all time. Every night has its own memorable scenes of the love story of one simple girl that fall in love with his boss, his dream boy. What I loved about watching Betty are her bangs, glass, braces, poorly fashion and also when she smile, her face twitches but despite of that, her boss fell in love with her. It was full of funny and very inspiring scenes that impart knowledge and inspiration to the people. It also gives big impact to the memory of the viewers that they do not even forget and that can also help them in their real life so it attracts million of viewers. The story is more on business-related aspect and situations in the form of giving and making the viewers entertained and satisfied from the funny and full of importance to everyone’s life. It’s not just about the love story of the main character s of the story but also it also shows the proper and regular situations inside and out of one organization. The values, attitudes and ethics held by the employees itself and also his organization. Their leadership, differences and the power they posses that really affect the organization and also its position to the public in making a decision that are not against to everyone’s life.

There are also some conflict happens inside the organization the make them stress and paranoid, but because of their proper and accurate communication with each other, effective leadership held by the superiors, and their self control within their behavior it still resulted to the best outcome that also gives benefits and...