Effectiveness of Qualification Exam to Accounbtancy Students

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Part of every student’s life is the difficult task of studying. They say college life is the hardest part of it, because your chosen course will determine your profession in the future. Choosing a course is an important thing and at the same time difficult task to do, even for the intelligent ones, because several schools offers different courses which encourage students and they are confused in selecting which one is appropriate for them. Students must evaluate themselves; know their skills, abilities, and the characteristics that are needed in the course that they have selected. This evaluation can help them prepare and also decide if they are appropriate for the course that they have chosen. For the students who will choose to take accountancy as their course, this research paper will be a great help for them.

Accountancy or Accounting is said to be the “language of business”. It is the art of communicating in terms of financial aspects in the business world.

It communicates in the form of financial statements that shows the income, assets, expenses, liabilities and capital of a certain business. It is a branch of mathematical science that shows the reason behind the excellent success of a company, as well as its downfall or failure. Accountancy qualifies as a profession because they have their own body of language and they also use terminology peculiar to the profession. The demand for accounting services has increased with the increase in number, size and intricacy of businesses all over the world. Accountant is the term use for the practitioner of the said course. It is a profession that plays an important role in all societies.


According to IACBE or International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, students who pass the qualifying exam will be able to demonstrate the necessary knowledge, understanding, attitude and skills required to successfully pass the CPA licensure...