Exit Through the Gift Shop

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Christy King

PHIL 2200-01

February 25, 2014

Exit through the Gift Shop

The standards that society has placed on art have drastically changed throughout the years. Exit through the Gift Shop is a prime example of this change. The definition of art is the creation of attractive or thought provoking works. The works in the film document pop art done by street artist who are seeking a creative outlet. Some of the artwork is thought provoking; the works of Space Invader is entertaining but does not provoke any intellectual thoughts.

This type of art seems to be more for entertainment purposes. The definition of today’s art seems to have changed. Almost anything is considered an art. Documentaries, a meal, or a shirt are now considered an art form. It is possible to have these things generate a feeling, but is that all art has become? One can appreciate the thought, skill, and effort put into these street artworks, but that does not necessarily define the outcome as art.

The criteria for art have expanded to the point that art now has little meaning. Distorted or graphitized works of classic artwork, a word written across a poster, officers kissing; this cannot really be considered beautiful or thought provoking. There are skills required to make these images and thoughts that arise from seeing the “art”. Nonetheless, this individual finds Mr. Brainwash and Banksy to be pranksters instead of real artists. This vandalism labeled as art definitely shows a decay in the perception of art. If one were to look at a box of cookies and have it provoke a thought, by current standards it could be called art.