Reasons and Solutions of Bearing Corrosion.

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Reasons and solutions of bearing corrosion:


Bearing corrosion is common which can reduce the service life of bearing. So everyone in daily work must pay attention to this problem. The determination of causes and prevention methods for high temperature bearing corrosion is to conclude the external cause and internal cause.

They are:

1. The metal surface finishes (oxygen concentration cell corrosion).

2. Chemical composition and structure of the metal material itself.

3. Composition and pH value of the solution which contacts with the metal surface.

4. The environment temperature and humidity.

5. Various environmental media which contacts with metal surfaces.

6. The sweat, its pH value is 5 ~ 6. In order to prevent the hand sweat, installation and production personnel should wear gloves to prevent directly contacting with high temperature bearing by hand.

Rust-proof oil to prevent rust of high temperature bearing:

1. Soak method: Small bearing soaked in antirust oil to make a layer of anti-rust oil on its surface; oil film thickness can be controlled by the antirust oil temperature or viscosity.

2. Brush method: Evenly brush on the bearing surface.

3. The spray method: Some big rust is not suitable by soaking method. It is needed to use approximately 0.7 Mpa compressed filter air for spraying in clean air. Spray method is used with solvent filter rust-proof oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil. This method must be adopted with perfect fire prevention and labor protection.

When the bearing rotates under the load bearing, inner and outer ring raceway surface or rolling decent present designed stripping due to rolling fatigue phenomenon.

Causes of bearing stripping damage:

1. The load is too large.

2. Installation is bad (non linear), torque load, foreign invasion, water invasion.

3. Poor lubrication, inappropriate lubricants, inappropriate bearing clearance.

4. The precision of bearing box is bad, uneven rigidity of shaft deflection...