Shoes for Moos Case Analysis

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Shoes for Moos Inc.

Case Analysis

MKT 4210 A02

Professor Malcolm Smith


Problem Statement

Jim Wells, the creator of Shoes for Moos, a specially designed type of footwear for cows to aid the cure of foot and hoof infections. With little capital and experience in the industry, Jim must decide whether to proceed and invest in this new venture. He must analyze the competitors; determine his selling price, and potential target market. With all of these factors established, Wells must decide how to promote his new product and choose a strategic distribution plan.

Situation Analysis

Entrepreneur Jim Wells saw a need for a type of footwear exclusively designed for cattle, including dairy, beef, and research and show cows. Cows, such as dairy cows often suffered from terrible hoof infections, to the point of hindering their milk production due to the use of antibiotics. In some cases, Beef cows had to be put down due to their poor foot conditions. Jim then designed rubber shoes to minimize and deter these frequent infections, but has yet to settle on a proper marketing strategy, and distribution plan. In addition, although this bovine shoe appears to be a first mover in the market, Jim must have it priced strategically so it is of value but reflects its superior quality. Jim has done sufficient research already, but now must decide if he should invest in the product or not.

Internal Environment

Jim Wells’ product Shoes for Moos provides support during the healing stage of an infected cow’s foot also acting as a deterrent from initial infection; a feature unique among the competition. Jim has little knowledge of the cattle industry regarding bovine footwear, but he does have the appropriate resources to ensure his product is attractive and of value to consumers. With the help of Murrel Bauman, a local veterinarian, and Kaufman footwear, they were able to create a high quality and durable shoe ideal for cow’s hooves. The rubber exterior helps...