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Riordan Manufacturing

Service Request SR-rm-012


Riordan Manufacturing

Nichole Addy, Daniel Hook, Keven Kochheiser, and Tracy Morris




Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-012

Riordan Manufacturing is an international manufacturer of plastic containers and custom made plastic parts and components. With yearly earnings of $46 million and a workforce of more than 550 people, Riordan Industries is the parent company, controlling the entire company with over $1 billion in revenues. San Jose, California, is the company headquarters and the center for Riordan’s research and development. They produce custom plastic parts in the Michigan plant. The Georgia, Michigan, and Hang Zhou, China facilities design and construct plastic fan parts used in aircraft and automotive plants by the Department of Defense and appliance manufacturers. Atlanta, Georgia, heads up the plastic bottle manufacturing for beverage companies.

Riordan’s customer base includes automotive, aircraft, and appliance manufacturers, and beverage bottling producers. Riordan’s focus is on maintaining a reasonable profitability to keep human and financial assets available for company operations and growth. Customer satisfaction, by remaining current with technological and environmental changes, is crucial to the industry. New customers and new reliable and affordable products along with current customer retention will ensure the health and stability of the company (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006).

History of Riordan Manufacturing

Dr. Riordan, a chemistry professor, developed and patented new ways to process polymers into high strength plastics. In 1991, Dr. Riordan started Riordan Plastics, Incorporated but changed its name to Riordan Manufacturing in 1992 when he acquired the fan manufacturing plant in Pontiac, Michigan. Albany, Georgia, was acquired to produce plastic...