Riordan Manufacturing Sr-Rm-004 Part One

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Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-004 Part One


Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-004 Part One


Riordan Manufacturing Incorporate develops high tensile strength plastic substrates from polymers. The company's headquarters is located in San Jose, California, and they have plants located throughout the United States and China. As a global manufacturer they currently employ 550 people using a system designed for both the human resource and finance departments.

Hugh McCauley, Chief Operating Officer, has recently requested that the system be analyzed for possible upgrading to single application which could integrate with the existing systems. According to the service request Hugh states, "We would like to take advantage of a more sophisticated, state-of-the art, information systems technology in our Human Resources department" (Apollo Group, 2007).


Hugh would like to see the project complete in six months in order to have the system in full operation by the second quarter of next year (Apollo Group, 2007). The information within this document will help Riordan Manufacturing Incorporate to view the detailed requirements for fulfilling the service request. Defining tasks, resources (current and proposed), time lines, risks and budget will provide the company with the knowledge to complete the project with the results expected. According to Allen (2009), "These requirements both describe, and enable the achievement of, business goals" (Scoping the Purpose of Software 2009, para. 1).

Gathering Information Systematically

To provide solutions to problems, one needs to know what the problem is and help to provide scope and goals required for a successful project. Collecting data /information which is both useful and relevant to the project is dependent upon the primary and secondary resources available. Internal and external sources of information need to be explored to gain a full understanding of the problems...