Employment Skills

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Employment Skills

Do you have the skills employers want? Some day you’ll be entering the workforce, and your job prospects will depend on the skills you have to offer to an employer. Your middle school, high school, and college years are a great time to develop these skills, no matter what career field you are considering.

1. Strong Work Ethic – Employers want workers who are reliable, dependable, and self-motivated. You can develop a strong work ethic through your academic work and through extracurricular activities. So get involved in school leadership positions, music, athletics, or a part time job.

2. Time Management Skills – Time management involves planning and following a schedule, listing the tasks you need to complete, and estimating how long it will take. Good time management skills are needed in every profession. But don’t wait until you are working to develop them – start working on them NOW. They will help you become a better student.

3. Problem-Solving Skills – Most employers look for employees who can identify a problem, develop solutions, and implement them. This makes them more independent and more valuable as an employee. That’s why so much emphasis is placed on math (and problem solving) in school!

4. Communication Skills – Verbal communication includes speaking and listening. Written communication includes reading and writing. It is vital that you develop ALL of these skills. Communication is a two-way street, and those who can communicate well are the ones who will get ahead in life. So work on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills every chance you get.

5. "People" Skills – The ability to work well with others is important in any field. Good working relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, and they help employees work more efficiently and effectively. Take advantage of opportunities to develop your "people" skills through team sports, music, clubs, or other group projects.

6. Computer Skills...