Peril Love

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Peril Love 2

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[Eugene's PoV]

I'm here at my office waiting for Izelle's message to come, the woman that I have loved for four years and counting. It's been a week that we haven't met since I have a given a special mission by my dad, and that is to find my long lost brother that is assumed to be kidnapped when we were at young ages.

I've heard several footsteps towards me and as I lifted up my face, t'was dad. "Kamusta ang ipinapagawa ko sayo?" he asked while roaming around my office and decided to sit at the opposite chair to me.

I sat and faced him. "My private investigators doesn't have any lead yet, dad."

He sighed deeply. "Ganun ba?" he asked.


He began to stand up and walk towards the door of my office. "Magdrop-out ka na sa pinapasukan mo."

I was about to check the papers that was file in my table when he said it and I lifted up my face again one more time. He was looking at me seriously while holding his tungkod. "B-but dad---"

"Ililipat kita agad sa ibang bansa para mas madali mong mahanap ang kapatid mo." he added.

I sighed deeply. "Give me a week to prepare." I requested.

He turned his back and went off to my office. He agreed on my request by his act to stay here for a week.

I am seeing the wide-eyed looked of Bry's entering my office while Yuri's following him behind placing his hands in his pocket. "Anung sabi ng erpats mo?" he asked.

"One week to prepare and he's going to send me out of this country."

"Hindi kami kasama ni Yuri?" he asked again while Yuri looked at me waiting for me to answer Bry's query.

I suddenly closed my eyes and relaxed my back at my seat. "Hindi ko pa alam."

"Isama mo na lang kami ni Yuri. Wala naman kaming ginagawa dito." he added.

"I'll think of it."

And for some reasons, how am I going to explain to Izelle?

Naihilamos ko na lang ang aking palad sa aking mukha sa pag-iisip.


I smiled as soon as I saw her waiting for me patiently while searching. She's always...