Strategic Choice and Evaluation

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Strategic Choice and Evaluation

Strategic Planning and Implementation

July 21, 2014

Strategic Choice and Evaluation

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate alternatives an organization must consider to realize growth. The contents of this paper will identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, and grand strategy for Lane Bryant. In addition, the author of this paper will recommend a strategy or combination strategies that the group holder of Lane Bryant should implement.

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant, a plus-size women’s apparel brand for the Ascena Retail Group, Incorporated, was founded in 1900 by CEO, Lena Bryant. The retail groups’ focus is to empower women and children to be their best and making people feel good about themselves. The Lane Bryant brand offers a wide selection of fashion apparel for women with curves. The brand offers fashionable items such as lounge wear, swimwear, accessories, shoes, casual, and wear-to-work items that fits “her”. The company’s promotional focus is to empower and celebrate women of size. The target market for the Lane Bryant brand is for plus-size women between the ages of 30-45, sizes 14-28. The retail group operates 3,800 full-line and outlet stores in 48 states, and has six brands. In January, 2011 the Ascena Retail Group, Incorporated became the new holding company for the Lane Bryant brand.

Value Discipline

The value discipline that best fit the Ascena Retail Group is Customer Intimacy because the company segments and targets its market to precision. The company’s brand, Justice target market is for girls, ages 7-12. The brand Maurices’ market is between the ages of 17-34. Dress Barns target age group is between the ages of 35-55. Lane Bryant’s target market is between the ages of 35-55. Catherine’s target market is between the ages of 45 and up.

Each of the holding groups’ brands is tailored to meet the needs of the market because of customer knowledge and operational flexibility. The company’s vision...