Analysis on Level of Customer Satisfaction of Luminous India Private Ltd.

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First and foremost I would want to thank my project guide & director giving each and every student a platform of such nature where even before the completion of the course, interaction with the industry and exposure to the same is made possible.

I am hearty thankful to my project guide Mr. Udit Dwivedi,who gave me the various details regarding the organization and also showed me that how to work under the electronic market and how to deal with various products.

I learnt a great deal from relevant people of such stature where I was able to obtain valuable feedback on my evolving thoughts about the changes that have been taking place in the market.

Last but not the least I am grateful to all those persons who were involved with me in the project for their co-operation and support

(Ravi Shankar Singh)



Title Page No.

1. Company’s name & profile 3

2. Product & products range of company 6

3. Company’s turnover for the last 5 yrs 11

4. Company’s marketing strategies. 13

5. Company’s financial strategies. 17

6. Company’s HRM strategies. 19

7. Company’s CRM strategies. 22

8. Company’s IT strategies. 25

9. Company’s recruitment and employment strategies. 28

10. Company’s R&D strategies. 31

11. Company’s Training & development strategies 34

12. Company’s promotion & advertisement strategies. 37

13. Company’s plan for future expansion. 41

14. Projects finding 43

15. Questionnaire 45

16. Your suggestion for improvement in various function

Of the company. 48

17. Conclusion & summary. 51





| Luminous India pvt. Ltd. is a SAR group of company, which was Founded in 1988 by Mr. Rakesh Malhotra, the SAR Group is a Delhi based |

|Group of companies which...