Uk Vitamins and Supplements 2014 - Global Industry Size, Share, Trend, Strategy and Growth

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Although the top reason for taking vitamins/supplements is generic, the rise in value sales of vitamins/supplements specifically for men and women suggests that consumers want a degree of personalisation, offering opportunities for the market. Driving further segmentation within demographic groups could be a way to encourage growth. In 2014, the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) has shown evidence of clamping down on claims in advertising, particularly when it comes to appearance benefits, suggesting that the advertising and claims environment could become more challenging for brands.

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Table of Content




Consumer research


Executive Summary

The market

Figure 1: Best- and worst-case forecast for retail value sales of vitamins and supplements, 2009-19

Market factors

Companies, brands and innovation

Figure 2: New product launches in vitamins and supplements, % by top claims, 2013 and 2014

Figure 3: New product launches in vitamins and supplements, % branded vs. own-label, 2010-14

The consumer

Figure 4: Vitamins and supplements taken daily or occasionally in the last 12 months, June 2014

Figure 5: Interest in appearance benefits, June 2014

What we think

Issues & Insights

Consumers want personalisation

The facts

The implications

The ASA is clamping down on advertising

The facts

The implications

High interest in appearance benefits

The facts

The implications

Trend Application

Trend: The Big Issue

Trend: Influentials

Futures: Generation Next

Market Drivers

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