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REL 110 Introduction to Biblical Studies RESEARCH ESSAY


Note: This page must be completed and placed as first page of your research essay. Please copy into your own files and type your responses.


State biblical book you studied: Colossians |

Date Due: 11/16/12Date submitted: 11/15/12 |

Total number of words: 1689 |

Total hours spent in preparation: 10 to 14 hours |

Number of additional sources cited (excluding texts): 8 |

Spell and Grammar check done: ___X___yes |

Received help from NWC tutor: ____X__yes; tutor’s name: Theresa and Jen Hoover |

I used the library resource guide: Yes; X no. In one sentence, please state how this was useful to your research and writing of this paper. (Your comments will help us improve it for future students.) It was helpful because I received a ton of information that I wouldn’t have known before. |

Circle the grade you think you deserve: A B C D F Why do you think you deserve this grade? I think I deserve an A or B because I have a lot of information about the book of Colossians and I also took the time to go to the tutor center twice to ask for help. After this research paper I know I have a clearer understanding about the book of Colossians. |


My research paper is over the historical-cultural world behind the book of Colossians. In this research paper I will tell you the possible dates of when the book of Colossians was written, who is was written by, who it was written for, reasons why the author needed to write to the audience, some main historical events that the book is addressing and relevance of the book now.


Paul wrote his letters to the Colossians, while under his house arrest in Rome. The Colossians letter was written around A.D. 60 to 61. Because Paul was under house arrest and imprisoned at the time, his letter has been called his imprisonment or captivity letter.

The internal evidence within the...