Political Crises in Nigeria

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The current political crisis in Nigeria has been blamed on faulty electoral process which produces a set of leaders who emerge, not through the electoral will of the people, but through manipulations. This point was made by the National Chairman of the All Nigeria Peoples Party[ANPP], Dr Ogbonnaya Onu.

The ANPP boss who spoke at a lecture organized in Abuja,for participants of Executive Intelligence Management Course 4,2011,by the institute for security service, yesterday, added the challenge confronting the country is how to elect a visionary leadership that can mobilize Nigerians to effectively convert the country’s abundant natural resources into finished goods and services which are needed to improve the standard of living of the people. According to him, it is important to point out that the greatness of any nation does not depend on the availability of natural resources alone. What really makes a nation great is the ability of such a nation to convert these raw materials into finished goods and services that can impact positively on the lives of its citizens.

‘’It is when the lives of citizens are improved upon, that a society can move with confidence towards the frontiers of sustainable development which is the chief reason for effective leadership, especially in a democracy. When there are visible signs of improvement in the lives of the people, poverty and corruption are reduced, so that they are happier and better fulfilled. For these to be achieved, the rule of law should be held sacred, law and order maintained such that all citizens can live and work in a secured environment’’, he said.

He added that better infrastructure, through the availability of good roads,improvement in the quality of education and health care, as well as job creation and job security, are needed to promote and preserve the happiness of the people.

‘’In order to achieve this, political parties should work tirelessly and if necessary, renew themselves so that...