Conflicts and Political Instability in Nigeria: Causes, Concequences and Prospects

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Journal of Social Science and Public Policy © 2010 Cenresin Publications

Volume 2, December 2010


Afegbua Issa Afegbua

Department of Public Administration, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria E-mail:

ABSTRACT The paper examines conflict and political stability in Nigeria: Causes, Consequences and Prospects. It observes that the occurrence of conflicts in any society could be more violent, leading to wanton destruction of lives and properties. It notes that conflict hinders sustainable national development. The paper observes that while a situation of absolute stability may be attained in Nigeria, relative stability for the country is vital for it to achieve its desired ends. It is the views of the paper that in spite of the structural deficits and some other problems, the country still holds a better prospect that accentuate instability to be completely attenuated. INTRODUCTION Conflicts are common and unavoidable in all human society. All over the world, conflicts occur because society is made up of people with differing interests and values. In most societies, conflicts occur when parties in a state of independence perceives divergent views or believe that their aspirations or goals cannot be achieved simultaneously. Therefore, it is only natural that where there is inequality in access to the control of natural resources and political power for instance, there would be discontent, opposition and controversy. Africa is a vast continent with different peoples and cultures. There has been increasing number of violent conflicts in Africa, especially during the end of the cold war. A number of violent conflicts have erupted in both developed and developing countries, inflicting sufferings and pains on the people and placing enormous stress on the environment (Gyabaah: 2006). African countries are plagued by the crisis of Perverted religion,...