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(President Manuel Roxas)

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Brief information

Manuel Acuña Roxas (January 1, 1892 – April 15, 1948) was the fifth President of the Philippines, the last of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and the first of the sovereign Third Philippine Republic. He ruled as President from the Philippines' independence from the United States of America on 4 July 1946 until his abrupt death in 1948.


Personal Life

Róxas was married to Trinidad de Leon at Our Lady of Remedies Church located at Barangay Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan in 1921. The couple had two children, Ma. Rosario ("Ruby"), who married Vicente Róxas (no relation) and Gerardo Manuel ("Gerry"), who married Judy Araneta.

His son, Gerry, became a member of the Philippine House of Representatives and a leader of Liberal Party of the Philippines. Gerry's sons, Gerardo, Jr. ("Dinggoy") and Manuel II ("Mar"), served as representatives from Capiz. In 2004, Mar became a Senator and was also elected president of the Liberal Party. His daughter-in-law, Judy, continues to be a prominent and driving force of the Liberal Party.

Daughter Ruby has an only son, named Manuel ("Manolo").

Early life and Career

Róxas, child of Gerardo Róxas, Sr. and Rosario Acuña was born on New Year's Day 1892 in Capiz (present-day Roxas City). He was a posthumous child, as his father Gerardo had died after having been mortally wounded by Spanish guardias civiles the year before. He and his older brother, Mamerto, to be raised by their mother and her father, Don Eleuterio Acuña.

The young Manuel received his early education in the public schools of Capiz, and at age twelve attended St. Joseph's Academy in Taiwan, but due to homesickness, he went back to Capiz. He eventually transferred to Manila High School (later named Araullo High School), graduating with honours in 1909.

Roxas began his law studies at a...