Organizational Behavior

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Eyal Rechter

Organizational behavior looks at the people and asks questions like: how do we improve employee satisfaction? What makes a good manager?

What is the relationships between motivation and performance?

How can we lower stress? Is pressure good?

Beitar Jerusalem:

Players have an expensive contract, what should the company do to avoid bankruptcy?

Raise ticket prices

Issue bonds/shares

Take a loan

Sell the company to the players

Merchandise, Rent out stadium

So what did do?

1. Lowered the salaries of the players and coach (lead by personal example)

Leading by example only works when:

the employees have a personal interest in the survival of a company

the employees are loyal

2. Found a new sponsor

Easy Life (furniture manufacturer for kids)

The owners don’t want to let Lucy go (because she is a good designer), but none of the people she hired lasted more than 1 year. What should they do?

Examine her selection process


Base salaries on a commission (employees are more competitive, but less of a team if they are pinned against one another)

List job requirements and demands

Lucy is a good designer but not a good manager (we want to explore her managerial skills by:

Promising numbers (profit maximisation), good atmosphere,

Indicated by employee satisfaction (Daniel’s ‘stone in shoe’ metaphor)

Leader, motivator


Organization = a structured social system consisting of groups and individuals working together to meet some agreed upon goals


Small businesses disappeared

Urbanisation = immigration waves entered the city

Large labor force, so wages were low

Ill or injured employees were replaced

Because of the oppressive conditions, workers united in Unions

Time and Motion study

Winslow Taylor ‘The father of Scientific Management’ (measure a pipe-movers productivity: monitor him.. make a change in his breaks.. monitor efficiency once-more) Rubbish cleaner’s ideal...