Crazy Night

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On May 12, 2014, I was on my way to work at about 9:40 p.m. an hour earlier than the usual due to training that couldn’t be done during my normal shift hours because of the work load. I drove the usual route as any other night from Liberty Village- RAF Lakenheath, taking a right turn onto Eriswell Road, making my way towards RAF Mildenhall. About half way down on Eriswell road, just past a curve, I come up to an obvious car accident. Judging by the smoke that appeared to have just started, I would say I arrived within the first moments after a three car collision. I immediately hit my hazardous lights, instantly reassuring there were no cars coming near to make sure I could safely jump out of my vehicle, and sprinted to the nearest car at the edge of the fens. The Driver, a male, was conscious but in shock trying to get out of his driver’s door window. His car was on fire and propagating quickly. I grabbed him from his waist and pulled with all the strength I had, but was unsuccessful as his legs were pinned under the dash board. They appeared to be broken, but to what extent- I did not know. At first, it seemed impossible because as much as I pulled he wasn’t coming loose; I told him to hold on and I ran to get help. By that time, there was a line of vehicles pulled over on both sides of the road; from there I yelled for help. I recall about four to six people standing out of their vehicles looking at me with their phones in their ears as I yelled for help; but all I got in response were blank stares. I kept shouting for help because I couldn’t get the driver out, yet no one helped. I ran back to the victim and continued my mission to get him out. The front end of the car was engulfed in flames and was quickly spreading into the passenger’s side of the car. The heat was intense, but I still had time to try and wasn’t going to give up on him. I figured the gas tank was located towards the back of the car and assumed I had enough time to get him out...