Retail Store Management

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Chapter Scheme:

 Chapter 1: Retail Store Operation: An

Introduction  Page 13

 Chapter 2: Indian Retail Store:

An Overview  Page 24

 Chapter 3: Operational Pattern in Retail Store & Its Impact  Page 38

 Chapter 4: Floor Management - Issues & Challenges  Page 52

 Chapter 5: Research Methodology  Page 65

 Conclusion  Page 76

 Limitations & Future Research Directions  Page 77

 Bibliography  Page 78

Chapter - 1:

Retail Store Operation Management: An Introduction

What Is Retail Operations?

Every time you enter a retail store, your shopping experience has been extensively planned, from the items you see for sale to the layout and design of the store. Many times these decisions are made by someone working in retail operations, or the area of retail concerned with the day-to-day functions of stores.

About Retail Operations:

The field of retail operations concerns the work that individuals do to keep a retail store functioning. This includes both retail sales people and managers in all types of retail stores, including small stores with only a handful of workers and large chain stores with thousands of employees. If you're interested in a career in this field, remember that you'll probably need to have strong communication skills and the ability & patience to handle difficult customers. If you're already working in the field and are interested in learning more or advancing, you can visit the website for the National Retail Federation, which provides education resources and retail advocacy information.

In our daily life, we come across retail shops in the nearby residential areas or shopping malls. Retailing affects every facet of our life. Have you ever thought how many daily contacts we have with retailers when we eat meals furnish our home, have our car fixed, and buy clothing for a party? A retail store is a business that sells products and/or services to consumers for...