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My saturdays started with looking forward to my NSTP classes as the day goes. We are assigned on Brgy. 21 where my group is assigned on planting but it didn't go well as planned and we're advised to do some cleaning along the streets of the vicinity. The vicinity of Brgy. 21 has its own marketplace and it also has its own court for the residents' use. My saturdays began with doubting if it really is alright for me to attend a saturday class as I am a Seventh-day Adventist where it is a practice or rather a rule where we dedicate our saturdays for going to church. The very concept of NSTP changed when I learned that it is all about helping others who are in need and teaching the students to be of help as the days go on and in return, it make my doubts go away. What I viewed the most important lessons to me are the lessons where it taught us of human rights. I viewed it as the most important as human rights play an important role in today's society. Knowing your rights can help a lot in today's society as you encounter different varying situations where you can be at a disadvantage. One that I look forward to in this subject is the immersion where we go to the designated place which is Brgy. 21 and we've done a lot of cleaning since it is in the afternoon when the immersion took place. The place isn't totally that full of trash but as they say, a little effort won't always hurt. So far, I can say that the days spent on this subject were not wasted but rather it helped me developed further as a person and so now I'll discuss furthermore of what I experienced as I am required to do so. So now I'll elaborate more about my expectations from this subject and so far, I can't complain as I don't know what to compare it to honestly as NSTP is in a league of its own. You might be wondering how can I pull out these words as I ellaborate more on the subject but that's just how it is. Let me just ellaborate more on the lessons taught and the voting rights and what are required...