Electronic Commerce for Kudler Fine Foods

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Electronic Commerce for kudler Fine Foods

Richard Cooper

University of Phoenix




December 02, 2010

Electronic Commerce for Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods has surpassed its predicted growth and would like to expand its services, improving the operations efficiency and increasing loyalty and valuable rapport with its customers to increase profits.

Kudler fine foods can incorporate many new strategies to achieve higher profits, increase cliental and maintain good rapport with new and existing customers. Kudler’s may introduce a new frequent shopper program which may track purchase behaviors of individual customers and may provide the customer with incentives through a points program. By tracking customer’s behaviors, Kudler fine foods will develop a marketing system which may be more efficient and allow suitable catering to customers needs. Price is only one of the factors for Kudler cliental; Kudler customers are known to have a sophisticated palette and focus on quality and specialty items. Kudler cliental will receive discounts on their purchases and may also redeem points for special gifts or specialty products.

Kudler fine food may also hold special events in the stores. These events may showcase chefs and new specialty items. This will make customers feel special and find a sense of belonging to a special club. The anticipated outcome will be to increase profit at these events by focusing on selling higher priced foods and beverage items and to build rapport with customers through a social setting. Another focus of these events is to keep customers in the store as long as possible with the anticipation that the customer will make a purchase. All special cooking events are also available for private parties at a price premium.

Kudler's can also focus on internal cost reduction and how Kudler can improve delivery to its customers. One of the best strategies goes back to tracking customer’s behaviors, from...