Fdi in Indian Retail

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FDI in Indian Retail –

Beneficial or Detrimental



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FDI in Indian Retail - Beneficial or Detrimental


Even though organized retail sector in India is at the infant stage , India has today become a budding target for FDI. India today offers the most persuasive investment opportunity for mass merchants and food retailers looking to expand overseas as Indian economy is growing at a raid pace with consumers having high purchasing power. With a robust economy experiencing unrelenting growth, India has exerted a pull and an irresistible enticement to companies looking to expand their scope of operations. FDI is a sturdy source for the intensification of retailing and will create enormous opportunities for innovation in retail sector in India but at the same time it is quite likely that a section of the domestic retailing industry will be severely hurt due to the entry of foreign retailers. In this paper researchers have tried to accentuate both the thoughts in detail and concluded the most constructive view on FDI in Indian retailing.

In this paper researchers have tried to cover

What makes India attractive to foreigners?

Why FDI in retail – Arguments in favor of FDI in retail

Why not FDI in retail- Arguments against of FDI in retail

Final opinion of researchers about FDI in retail beneficial or detrimental

Growth of Indian retail industry in the last decade

Last decade has indeed witnessed tremendous growth in Indian retail industry and has integrated our Indian economy with...