How Do the Issues and Challenges Discussed in the Article Illustrate the Topics of Developing, Sustaining, and Transforming Domestic and International Business Operations?

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Date: 11/23/2010

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Radjou, N, & Prabhu, J. (2010). Pepsico and GE are innovating India. Bloomberg Business week, Retrieved from

A synopsis of the article. (2–3 paragraph or 100–150 words)

The article that I selected discusses how companies are focusing their business operations and development in foreign markets by collaborating with local partners to successfully expand their brand and make their products available to more consumers.

The article focuses on two companies, General Electric and Pepsi Co. Both organizations modified their business models by offering products and services, which are not related to what they deliver within the United States, to poorer countries. Both companies are determined to “help build healthy societies worldwide” (Radjou, & Prabhu, 2010). Indra Nooyi, Pepsi Co’s CEO, believes that focusing on emerging markets is a learning experience because it allows for a company to discover ways to deliver “sustainable products and services to a large number of people” (Radjou, & Prabhu, 2010).

An analysis of the article and how it relates to the course topic of Business Operations in the U.S. and Abroad. (2–3 paragraphs or 100–150 words)

This article relates to the course content because it provides relevant examples of how companies are expanding to global markets. Pepsi Co is a brand known to the average consumer, as a manufacturer of carbonated beverages and snacks. The company has a goal of transforming from a traditional food and drink supplier to an organization committed to making healthy foods and beverage products affordable and accessible to consumers worldwide, while promoting economic and environmental sustainability (Radjou, & Prabhu, 2010).

Rather than focusing on solely selling more products, increasing their bottom-line, the company is contributing to globalism by assisting poorer countries in...