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I believe online school would be the appropriate path for someone in my situation. I have looked at the pros and cons of both traditional and online line programing, and it came down to one thing. Since I work full time and work in groups here at my job, flexibility and personalized instruction with the convenience of at home learning would suit me best. This causes the least problems since i will not need to travel to a campus and will be giving the ability to do and turn my assignments in from the comfort of home. Traditional classes demand too many strict schedules, which may get in the way of my current job. I learn better on my own which is why the lack of group work involved in online school would suit me as a person better because I will not need to depend of other people to get my work done. This will help not only with my grades but also the speed in which i will be able to finish my schooling as well. Online schools seem to have a bad reputation do to hoax offers by non-credited online schools making false promises, but if i choose a credited online program and have the drive to do everything needed to learn and do well in my online classes, one such as myself can do just as well in an online program. There are many people in this day and age who have become successful through hard work and dedication, just watch the commercials about the University of Phoenix.