Du Darfst Case Analysis

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Du Darfst Case Analysis

Core Competencies

• Low calorie Intake

Reduced the calorie intake of people by 400 calories per day. Did this by removing the superfluous calories in the food without altering the nutrition content.

• Steady reduction in weight

Consuming products guaranteeing radical weight losses could endanger one’s healthand should be undertaken only under the supervision of a doctor. Du Darfst, on the other hand, reduced one’s weight steadily and slowly.

• Taste

The Du Darfst line of products had a similar taste to the products the consumers were consuming before switching to it.

• Satisfaction

Many weight loss products use fillers which fools the stomach in an artificial way to induce a feeling of

satisfaction in people. On the other hand, Du Darfst didn’t use any of these fillers. It saved a lot of

calories and really satisfied the people

• Quality

One of the biggest German food manufacturers. They had decades of experience in that area. They used only the best raw materials for Du Darfst products. For example, in their precooked meals, soups, and sausages, they used only selected lean meat.


• Segmentation can be carried out in terms of demographics and psychographics.

1) Do not have weight problems  - 8%

2) Have weight problems - 92%

a. Want to lose weight ................25%

b. W ant to maintain weight...........67 %

i. People who can maintain weight without difficulty …52%

ii. People who are careful not to gain weight ...............12.5%

iii. People who do not want to lose weight....................2.5%

• Demographic data of the people who have weight problems.

|Gender |Income |Age |

|Male |1250-1500...