Amd and Intel Processor Comparison

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AMD And Intel Processor Comparison Information Technology Essay

AMD processors offer three ranges - high end, middle and end basis. There are three processors each category. Category consists of high end AMD Phenom II X6, AMD Phenom X4 and AMD Phenom II x2 II. Phenom II X6 is the first six-core AMD processors are intended for the optimum level of performance and very high. Phenom X4 II is equipped with quad-core Phenom chips and chip-II X6 is specifically designed for the very unusual use of quality multimedia and advanced applications.Phenom X2 II 2 core processor is the capacity to ensure high performance is good overall with a very economical price. Category consists of mid-end AMD Phenom X3 II, II, and AMD Turion AMD Turion Ultra II. II Phenom X3 is a customer of class 3 core processors with 64-bit computing capabilities, designed to provide optimum performance with economy pricing. Both Turions multimedia products designed for the perfect and most of them come with an AMD or ATI graphics, of course, at a very economical price. AMD is the AMD Sempron basis, AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon X2 Neo Neo. Considered best for mobile computing, AMD Sempron is a popular choice for low budget desktop and laptop. The processor is suitable for very basic computing needs such as browsing the Internet, the basic functions of the office and e-mail. Neo Neo Athlon and Athlon X2 comes with a lower processing power and economic strength of customers and most are found in netbook and nettop. Because the integrated ATI graphics, the processor also offers basic feasible multimedia output.

Intel Processors

Not to be outdone by AMD, Intel is a serious competitor when it comes to Intel and AMD processor comparison. Similar to AMD, Intel also offers a range of three processors - the high end, mid end and the base - the first category consists of three and the rest consists of two products. High-end consists of the latest series of Intel Core processors i - Intel Core i3, i5, and i7. Core...