Organizational Behavior

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Chapter 1 Outline

Organisational Behaviour & Management


Lecture 01

Dr. Thesara Jayawardane

PhD, MPhil, BSc(Eng), LLB (Hons), MA, MCIM, MSLIM,

AMA, AMIE(SL), DipM(UK), Chartered Marketer,

Attorney at Law

Introduction to OB

• Defining Organizational Behaviour

• OB: Making Sense of Behaviour in


• How Will Knowing OB Make a Difference?

• Today’s Challenges in the Workplace

Organizational Behaviour

• A field of study that investigates the impact of

individuals, groups, and structure on

behaviour within organizations; the aim is to

apply such knowledge toward improving

organizational effectiveness.

•What are organizations

•The field of OB

•OB as a discipline

•Hawthorne studies

•Contribution of Hawthorne studies to OB

•Importance of studying OB

•Perspectives of Organizational Effectiveness

•Anchors of OB

•OB trends affecting emerging economies

•Contemporary challenges faced by


What Is Organizational Behaviour?

1. What is organizational behaviour?

2. Isn’t organizational behaviour common sense? Or

just like psychology?

3. How does knowing about organizational

behaviour make work and life more


4. What challenges do managers and employees face

in the workplace of the twenty-first century?

Why Do We Study OB?

• To learn about yourself and others

• To understand how the many organizations you

encounter work.

• To become familiar with team work

• To help you think about the people issues faced by

managers and entrepreneurs


What Is an Organization?

• A consciously coordinated social unit:

– composed of a group of people

– functioning on a relatively continuous basis

– to achieve a common goal or set of goals.

The Rigour of OB

The Building Blocks of OB



Social Psychology


Political Science

Research Methods in OB

• OB Looks at Consistencies

– What is common about behaviour, and helps...