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Art and Design MA Studies Project Proposal eForm

As part of the application process for postgraduate study you are required to submit a short project proposal. Please complete this project proposal eForm; it is essential that you complete each section. Name:

The title of your research project: An investigation into creating and selling a brand/brands without exaggerating its benefits in an unfriendly recessed market. Your specific area of interest/specialism in your chosen Masters degree: Value creation of a brand on: brand positioning and strategy through benefit, convenience, feature or glamour positioning. Studying elements that create integrity in the formation of a brand. A project brief which outlines your aims (why you want to research within that area/what are you hoping to achieve) and your objectives (how will you practically undertake your research?): My aim is to create a transition for a product into a brand without losing my customer in a depressed or need-based market. To make my clients understand the importance of branding and to bring to the forefront the value adding talent/personality of brands. I seek to fulfil my aim by using IDEO methods of research such as questionnaires, surveys and interviewing. Studying case studies is another important tool in this investigation. Who will be the audience for your completed MA work e.g. your current/future employer, publishers, suppliers, customers, to inform further study: Customers/clients and suppliers. What relevant qualifications/professional work experience do you have: I have studied visual communication design for x years and worked in the same field for x years. How does your proposal relate to your existing study or work experience if applicable: I am a visual communicator by profession. Through my experience in this industry I have interacted with clients for whom I have created and designed brands across the commercial and cultural spectrum for mediocre design and strategy for creating and...