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"Anti-Semitism is defined as attitudes and actions against Jews based on the belief that Jews are uniquely inferior, evil or deserving of condemnation by their nature or by historical or supernatural orders. "Anti-Semitism, in the twentieth century, includes virtually all the beliefs, attitudes, and tactics that have developed from the first century." (Grosser & Halperin, 1983;277). Anti-Semitism does not necessarily end in the elimination of the Jews but may become a persisting condition of their lives. Jews have lived for many centuries dispersed among societies with traditions of Anti-Semitism. There have been extreme cases of Anti-Semitism that have led to mass destruction and genocide of the Jews.

Anti-Semitism is still rampant today, however awareness of this type of discrimination can help prevent future instances of persecution of Jews. Jews have succeeded as a whole today because of an internal strength they possess due to victimization and discrimination against them. Their oppression has made Jews mentally stronger, and has instilled in them useful values, thus enabling them to be ambitious, hardworking, successful people."

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